Mouth watering meals meet a heart warming story at our favorite family owned Mexican hangout, Lupita's. You know Lupita's as the place your friends and neighbors come for fabuloso food that satisfies your hunger...and your taste for adventure. But to the children of Barretal, Mexico, Jaime and Lupe Garcia are hometown heroes. Every year, Jaime makes a trip to the town where he grew up for an annual festival.. bringing food, toys, and clothing to as many as four hundred local children. Jaime says, "We want to say muchas gracias to all our loyal customers, many of whom have joined us in supporting the children of Barretal for over ten years."

Holy Guacamole, you have to taste the difference that passion makes! Just like their trips to Mexico, Lupita's restaurant is a labor of love for the Garcias. Jaime may be the first person you'll see when you walk through the door. His wife, Lupe's been cooking professionally for over thirty years with recipes handed down for generations. Her signature fajitas are crazy loco good, because she makes the tortillas by hand and grinds fresh spices in a Molcajete Mexican mortar and pestle. It's like a trip south of the border without the hassle.. and on Wednesdays and Thursdays enjoy happy hour prices on beer and margaritas all day long! Wave "Adios" to hunger and "Hasta luego" to the blues!

Feel the tropical breezes, hear the music of guitars, and smell the tantalizing aromas of the local markets. Wait, that amazing smell is one of Lupita's new chef inspired dishes. Even hardcore fans of long time favorites like chile rellenos, tamales, and enchiladas are saying "Ay Caramba... mucho fabloso!" Your taste buds will tango with new choices like Chipotle shrimp, garlic fish and shrimp, Lupita's special shrimp brochette, or the absolutamente deliciosa surf n turf combo of shrimp with chicken or fajita beef. Ole!

Bring your amigos to Lupita's for a personal fiesta that starts with incredible warm salsa and crispy chips, followed by a full menu of nummy choices, and a sweet finish of Tres Leches cake or the addictively crispy little Mexican donuts, churros. Let the mouthwatering meal melt your troubles away... while the generous spirit of the Garcia family warms your heart. Jaime, Lupe, Rigo and Leo Garcia say, "Muchas gracias for your loyalty , support, and compassion for the children of Barretal...from our own familia to yours!"

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